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    Whether it is Mobile application development, or setting up a completely unique IT service, our team of seasoned technology consultants offers a variety of advisory solutions to get your team where it needs to go. Our goal is always to understand your business, and then align it with the appropriate strategy.

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Press Release

MindParcs acquires AssuranceMD

West Chester, PA – Mindparcs, a leading provider of IT Services to healthcare and ambulatory care organizations, has acquired AssuranceMD. The acquisition prepares the new organization to offer the most powerful and comprehensive portfolio of solutions that provide increased productivity and less operational burden for healthcare providers.

The acquisition creates a world-class provider of fully integrated financial, administrative, and clinical solutions. The companies will operate separately as Mindparcs and AssuranceMD until integration activities are completed. The new organization will be headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with additional facilities throughout the U.S. and India.  Leo Anthony,  Mindparcs CEO will lead the combined organization. Greg Cutrona, CEO of AssuranceMD, will serve in an advisory role during the integration process.

MindParcs will provide comprehensive services  to meet the needs of small to medium size practices, as well as business partners looking for billing services, revenue cycle management, credentialing,  enrollment services and hosted solutions.  Both companies will continue to develop modernization strategies for hosted platforms and technology to deliver powerful and capable solutions to existing and new clients. To learn more about medical billing and managed services, visit https://www.assurancemd.com

For more information, contact:  info@mindparcs.com or admin@assurancemd.com

Health IT Solutions

We excel in solution development and delivery as well as talent acquisition, allowing us to offer a wide range of diverse services and solutions. We are passionate about constructing the building blocks of our client’s technology success.


At MindParcs, we know that well managed and well executed IT is critical to every organization. However, tackling complex technology projects is daunting without the right advice and guidance. We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive technology strategy that fully supports their business goals and objectives.

Innovative Strategies

As a company that is committed to being on the cutting edge of technology, we strive to bring new ideas to solve old problems. We regard each opportunity to work with your business as a unique project. We want to innovate for you and help your company to be on the leading edge of technology.