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A leading provider of
- Clinical, Revenue Cycle Software solutions including EHR, PM and Clearing House
- IT and Support Services,
- Medical Billing and Coding
  - Health IT Software Development and Support
to the US HealthCare and Ambulatory Care Organizations

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Strategies that Matter
Our goal is always to understand your business, and then align it with the appropriate strategy for you to excel and grow leaps and bounds.
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Partnership that Performs
We are committed to providing you with the quality talent that is essential to ensuring your success. It's the partnership that just excels every step of the way.
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The Right Team for You.
A job is done exactly right when you have the right team. For all your business needs we have the perfect team for you to excel.
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eMDs - New VAR Announcement
eMDs is very excited to add MindParcs to the eMDs VAR family especially as MindParcs is focused on growth and enhancing their services to new customer acquisitions/EHR replacements by providing the eMDs Aprima software.
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Solutions We Provide

Our whole gamut of cherry picked Medical Billing solutions makes us a truly unique and one stop shop for any HealthCare provider. Our Revenue Cycle Management process ensures that all aspects of a patient's interaction are effectively managed from the initial inquiry to the final payment.Patients are only billed for services provided, third-party payers are contacted in a timely manner, and payments are collected. Our Clearinghouses Practice Insight are used to facilitate electronic transaction transfers between payers and physicians, hospitals, or other health care providers. Our Practice Management Software MicroMD is designed to assist medical practices of all sizes in utilizing electronic records. As part of our consulting services, we assist our clients in determining what regulatory challenges they will have to address next fiscal year, as well as developing a complete suite of IT solutions including evaluating the options for hosting on public clouds to setting up the local scanners to the EHR on their desktops.

Health IT Solutions

Our Health IT Solutions includes a variety of offerings ranging from EHR to patient reminder modules. With our vast experience in the HealthCare IT, we have a complete suite of products, hosting and support solutions.

Medical Billing Core Solutions

Healthcare globally and especially in the United States is ever changing and requires latest technologies and methods to address today's challenges.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation and AI are no longer just a buzzword in the HealthCare industry.

IT Consulting

Even if you’re very smart and educated, as a business owner or healthcare provider, it is unfair to expect that you’d know everything there is to know about technology.

Innovative Strategies

Our constant efforts in innovation is well balanced with our focus on HealthCare and regulatory requiremnts. The constant changes in HealthCare requires new and innovative solutions to meet those challenges.

Automation as a Service

Our Automation as a Service allows companies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency without the need to create an in-house platform.

Latest News
MindParcs is presenting on their solution suite of "Automation as a Service (AaaS) for Revenue Cycle Management Workflows"
MindParcs is presenting on their solution suite of "Automation as a Service (AaaS) for Revenue Cycle Management Workflows"
MindParcs acquires AssuranceMD
West Chester, PA – Mindparcs, a leading provider of IT Services to healthcare and ambulatory care organizations, has acquired AssuranceMD. The acquisition prepares the new organization to offer the most powerful and comprehensive portfolio of solutions that provide increased productivity and less …

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