Medical billing clearinghouse services are designed to automate the revenue cycle process for healthcare providers. Clearing House services help you transition from paper claims to electronic claims for a smooth and easy process. The availability of clearinghouses makes it easier to transition from paper to electronic claims, improving efficiency. Claims sent electronically result in quicker payment compared to paper claims. The clearinghouse ensures that the procedural and diagnosis codes are valid and correctly correspond to each other. By using the claim scrubbing edit, we can avoid processing errors that take up valuable time. It streamlines the management of your electronic claims and enhances relationships with insurance carriers. Submitting claims electronically can expedite reimbursement to less than ten days. The majority of clearinghouse companies impose charges on providers for every submitted claim, in addition to an extra fee for sending a paper claim to a specific payer.
Providers determine their choice of clearinghouse for claims submission based on the following criteria.

Benefits of Clearing House

1. Clearinghouse enables you to quickly identify and resolve claim errors within minutes instead of days or weeks.
2. Results in fewer denied claims and significantly higher claim success.
3. Rapid claims processing: Filing claims electronically can reduce reimbursement times to under ten days.
4. Submit all your claims at once in batch instead of submitting them separately one at a time.
5. Reduces human error and the need to manually re-key transaction data over and over at each payer’s website.
6. It provides a single location to manage all your electronic claims.
7. Vastly improves vender relationships with insurance carriers.
8. Avoid prolonged wait-times being on hold with Medicare and Blue Cross inquiring about claim errors.
9. If you subscribe to the best clearinghouses, you’ll be speaking with a knowledgeable support person within just a few rings.
10. Shorter payment cycles lead to more accurate revenue forecasts.
11. Reduce or eliminate need for paper forms, envelopes, and stamps.
12. Plain and simple, using a clearinghouse greatly simplifies and speeds up your claims processing.
MindParcs providers receive timely payment after delivering care, eliminating manual work and the responsibility of dealing with denials.