Healthcare globally and especially in the United States is ever changing and requires latest technologies and methods to address today’s challenges. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Analytics are making huge strides in the Healthcare industry from predictive clinical diagnosis to predicting healthcare supplies for the upcoming flu season. On the revenue cycle side, the Business Analytics plays a key role in monitoring the economics of the practice, identifying gaps to increase the revenue while being compliant with the regulations, monitor the productivity of Revenue cycle specialists to adjust the workflow optimizations, etc. The revenue cycle KPIs for each practice and translating those KPIs into the operational functions and deviations is a cumbersome task for a CFO.
The Data Analytics solutions by MindParcs has a unique PPP benchmarking model that analyses the Providers revenue cycle data before onboarding a practice. The various analytics factors that are built over the years are translated into our Data Analytics platform to provide meaningful insights to make result-oriented decision making points

Meaningful insight to make result oriented decision