MindParcs responds to COVID-19 Challenges

Due to Covid19 Ledereich ENT was faced with the challenge of seeing new patients and having the patient fill out paperwork upon arrival to the practice. The practice wanted to provide a safe and contactless process for patients that would allow them not only to fill out paperwork but to receive instruction upon arrival for their visit.
They had yet to implement an online presence to get information to patients in a quick effortless manner. They needed a process and they needed it pretty fast. Additionally, they needed a way for the patients to be reminded of their upcoming appointments and the required paperwork.
The practice indicated that there was just not enough time to get all of the things up and running on a website as they needed a change now.
Mindparcs has a solution- ā€œOnline Forms, Patient Reminder calls, along with emails and text messagesā€.
What the practice liked about our solutions was that it all could be done without a website along with being customizable to meet their practice needs.
During these unprecedented times being able to make immediate change is key and our Online Forms Options gave the practice the ability to make swift changes.

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