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Assume that spending months hardly, hiring a physician for your practice, setting up the workspace, hiring staff, and patients scheduling. Everything goes perfect until the entire operation stopped due to credentialing issues. The failure can be overwhelming, and the financial outcome it takes can be quite important. And this scenario is too common and, quite expensive.

Practice overhead costs, including doctor's income guarantee, and staff salaries, expand each day. On top of that, there are staff hours increased and annual database expenses.

In this critical reality, handling your credentialing is a time-consuming and costly effort. Let's explore how medical credentialing services can help you avoid wasting your valuable time and resources so that you can focus on patient care.

Cost of Handling Credentialing In-House

Medical credentialing is an important process that can crucially impact your practice's financial growth when it not handled properly. While successful credentialing can attract new patients and increase revenue growth, the process itself can be difficult and expensive.

  • At an estimated rate per hour, credentialing work for a physician can cost approximately high per year.
  • Additional expenses correlated to staff involvement, taxes, and other overhead costs further increase the financial burden.
  • Inaccurate applications can lead to additional expenses.
  • Time spent on credentialing services instead of with patients will leads to revenue lost.
  • Works to resolve submission and application issues.

6 Ways Medical Credentialing Services Save Time and Money

Being a physician, create a meaningful impact on patients' lives, not in paperwork. Medical credentialing services reduce some of this administrative worry, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Credentialing professionals can navigate the difficulties in smooth way and avoid potential barriers. With accurate submissions and regular follow-ups, payments flow smoothly, and complex obstacles are reduced.

Managing the physician details can be challenging, especially for practices with limited human and financial resources. Credentialing service offers a cost-effective solution for database management.

Credentialing service providers maintain and update your CAQH profile. Credentialing software technology has the ability to build audit trails, send automated alerts, and execute batch processing.

Physicians spend around $7,618 annually to submit credentialing applications, according to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). The medical credentialing service can obviously reduce this operational cost.

Credentialing companies also offer other services such as license renewal, FCVS setup, IMLC state addition, etc. This complete approach improves the entire operations and make sure that your practice is being managed successfully.

Why Choose MindParcs Inc?

Partnering with medical credentialing company like MindParcs Inc can offers numerous benefits:

So, are you ready focus on your patient care? Let’s connect with our medical billing professional and explore the possibilities of medical credentialing services best away!

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