MindParcs is ranked as the Top Professional Medical Billing Company for the District of Columbia Providers.

Your healthcare center’s revenue cycle mostly depends on medical billing and coding services. MindParcs provides medical billing services in District of Columbia to hospitals, Independent Practice, and a variety of other specialty providers. With a wealth of experience, our expertise in Medical Billing and Coding Services encompasses all U.S. states that extends internationally and to the Bahamas. This extensive coverage ensures we possess in-depth knowledge of the unique intricacies and regulations of various governmental and commercial health plans

     CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield,
     Noridian Healthcare Solutions LLC,
     CGS Administrators LLC,
     Novitas Solutions Inc.

governing medical billing in diverse geographical regions. Our proficiency goes above and beyond borders, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that meets the District of Columbia specific needs and requirements of healthcare providers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing and Coding

It is our practice to meticulously adhere to the Local and National Coverage Determinations (LCD and NCD) policies that are tailored to District of Columbia as well as the guidelines of

     CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield,
     Noridian Healthcare Solutions LLC,
     CGS Administrators LLC,
     Novitas Solutions Inc.

commercial plans and auto/comp. This level of commitment ensures that our billing practices are in strict compliance with these comprehensive medical billing guidelines, but also show high standards and accuracy, ultimately maximizing the effectiveness of our claims and reimbursement practices.
Our Revenue Cycle Management solutions will give you the freedom to focus on providing excellent patient care. Our solutions optimize all aspects of revenue cycle management. Whether it is navigating the complexities of healthcare regulations and billing standards or process automation, our team is well-equipped to deliver efficient and effective services ensuring financial success for healthcare organizations. Our workflow enhances the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our services enabling us to deliver outstanding results.

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MindParcs | Core

A powerful and extensive RCM service utilizing your existing PM. Through dedicated account management, we help practices maximize reimbursements and revenue collections and minimize the time and effort doing so.

as low as 2% of collections**
MindParcs | Plus

A powerful RCM option that provides a certified cloud based practice management application to interface with your existing EMR to help maximize practice revenues, accelerate cash flow and provide more control of your practice costs.

as low as 4% of collections**
MindParcs | Enhanced

A comprehensive RCM software solution for practices looking to gain billing/collections assistance while utilizing cloud-based technology and state-ofthe art back-office processing with the consultative support of experienced medical professionals.

as low as 5% of collections**