Improve Efficiency and Reimbursement for Podiatry Medical Billing


Due to the dynamic medical landscape, medical specialties such as podiatry are continuously facing challenges of medical billing. The most valuable way is hiring professionals for podiatry medical billing services so that they can focus on patient care.

Professionals having experience in podiatry medical billing assist at every step of medical billing while enhancing revenue cycle management and they minimize the inaccuracies and maximize the reimbursement.


In this blog, we will discuss the challenges of podiatry practice, facing medical billing issues and the best way to handle this concern.

Major Difficulties in Podiatry Medical Billing

Insurance verification is difficult due to the wide range of insurance policies and regulations. Another reason is that both private insurance companies and Medicare have regulations for podiatry practice that makes it complex.


What makes podiatry documentation difficult is to maintain the patient entries, diagnosis, procedures, and medical necessity. An error in the documentation can be the reason for claim denials and can impact the reimbursement.

Podiatry service providers must stay updated with these billing regulation changes to avoid difficulties in the medical billing process. However, this is not easy and most of the healthcare providers fail to stay updated. Managing this challenge is important for podiatry practice to avoid coding errors and claim denials.

Podiatry requires specific coding due to its wide range of procedures including fractures, diabetic foot, infections, sprains, and more. There are other treatments such as hammertoe correction, Achilles tendon repair, bunionectomy, and many more. All these procedures are converted into proper medical codes, and mistakes in coding lead to revenue leakage.

Claim denials cause difficulties in podiatry medical billing. The major contributors to denials are errors in coding, incorrect or missing documentation, or lack of awareness in policies. Healthcare providers must make sure to prevent and resolve denials immediately.

Key Benefits of Podiatry Billing Services

Podiatry medical billing services satisfy all regulations, be it federal or state regulations. They are familiar with payer guidelines as well. It involves accurate coding, proper documentation, and recognition to billing and coding rules.


Medical Billing company has a team of professional coders who are well-known for podiatry-coding guidelines. They have full knowledge of CPT and ICD-10 codes. They make sure to follow all the changes and updates in coding guidelines.

Most of the denials are a result of errors in coding and documentation. Only accuracy in the coding and documentation can lead to error-free results.

Medical billing company understands the importance of this prior authorization and assists the healthcare providers to execute this step. The benefit is an increase in efficiency and improvement in the bottom line.

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