Enhance Your Podiatry Practice Revenue with Our Medical Billing Services

Are you a podiatrist looking for an excellent, trustworthy and affordable service for your medical billing challenges? Our podiatry medical billing services are made specifically for your requirements. We take care of your revenue cycle management, so you can focus on quality patient care.

Being a Top Medical Billing Company, we have the best track records in podiatry medical billing services, MindParcs Inc. can help to make your medical billing process smooth. Our team of professionals are experts in podiatry specialty and ensure you capture each and every earned dollar, reduce errors and increase cash flow.

Here are some Challenges in Podiatry Practices

  • Continuous Monitoring of Outgoing Billing Statements

Regularly verifying the billing statements to make sure accuracy and stability.

  • Response to Insurer Queries

Making accurate responses to insurance queries for submitted and denied claims to speed up the processing.

  • Improving Patient Payment Collections

Enhancing customer service to improve bill collections and assist smooth payment transactions.

  • Cross-Verification of Claims

Efficiently comparing claimed files with received reimbursements to identify and resolve discrepancies immediately.

How we can help in Podiatry Medical Billing Services:

We provide end-to-end services to that cover everything, including:

  • Insurance Eligibility

We will verify that patientā€™s insurance policy eligibility for Podiatry services and also that patient plan has referral or pre-authorization requirements.

  • Demographic & Charge Entry Services

Charges from patient are entered into the patientā€™s account. It is important to have a professional team working on patient demographics entry to make sure that, they must enter correct data into the system.

  • AR Follow Up Services

We follow unpaid claims continuously to keep AR days to a minimum. Our professionals also ensure that denied and underpaid claims are appealed as soon as possible to reimbursed on time.

  • Denial Management Services

Claim denials can result in important losses for healthcare providers; they must keep track of them continuously. Our Denial Management team find the reason for denial, fix the errors, and resubmit the denied claims within the time limit.

  • Payment Posting Services

We inspect EOBs and ERAs to make sure that every detail about the payment is updated into the system. Following that, the data is appropriately updated into patient accounts.

  • Credentialing Services

Credentialing is an important step in the revenue cycle and how a healthcare provider or physician gets associated with payers. Our credentialing service team processes the faster payment by ERA setup, gets more referrals, minimize revenue leakage, reduces denials, and identifies the healthcare providers trend.

MindParcs Inc, applies standard HCPCS, CPT codes, and ICD-CM diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines to offer excellent results to your Podiatry Practice!

Key Points That Make MindParcs as the Best Podiatry Medical Billing Company

  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • 99% Claim Rate
  • Minimize A/R Delays
  • Starts From 2.95% Of Your Collections
  • Fewer Claim Denials & Rejections
  • EHR Flexible Solutions
  • HIPAA-compliant service

As the healthcare industry continues to evolving, healthcare organizations and medical practices are facing more challenges in future especially on billing and managing their revenue cycle. Thatā€™s where MindParcs Inc can help. Our team of Podiatry medical billing professionals have the skill and experience required to manage efficiently on billing needs.

Call us today and make an appointment with our expert and let us tell you how we can help to your office achieve maximum cash flow.