Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services

Why Outsource Medical Billing and RCM for Your Anesthesiology Practice?

The main issues when it comes to anesthesia medical billing are correct bill time, proper selection of base and special units and coding. Special units may only be added if certain conditions, such as a patientā€™s old age, controlled hypotension, or emergency conditions, are met. Billing these codes incorrectly will lead to being underpaid and loss of revenue.

Having an experienced partner in medical billing and coding services and revenue cycle management can help ensure proper billing, prompt follow up can minimize your practiceā€™s risk of audits and maximize your revenue stream.

Why MindParcs, Inc?

MindParcs, Inc can help ensure correct billing for your anesthesiology practice. In addition, we provide prompt follow-up procedures that will identify and address problem areas within your billing processes, lowering your risk of reduced revenue.

Our anesthesiology medical billing services include:

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification Service
  • Demographic & Charge Entry Services
  • AR Follow Up Services
  • Denials & Rejections Management Services
  • Payment Posting Services
  • Credentialing & Enrollment Services