Guaranteed Financial Success with Behavioral Health Medical Billing Services

This specialty plays an important role in offering patients with the highest level of behavioral healthcare and it is more complicated due to various type of care provided to the patients.

With such significant responsibilities, a psychiatrist doesn’t have more time to spend with medical billing and insurance claim denials. That’s what MindParcs Inc is for, to help streamline the medical billing. Our behavioral health medical billing professionals deliver best solutions to enhance your revenue cycle and reduce claim denials.

Are you facing any of the following behavioral health medical billing issues?

  • Do you feel that, you are not getting payment properly?
  • Managing appropriate documentation?
  • Have your denial rates are increased?
  • Increase in delays on Prior Authorization?
  • Lack of accurate CPT codes for behavioral health services?

Then, our team of medical billing and coding professionals will assist you successfully reimburse your claims from the payers.

Benefits of Using Behavioral Health Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complex and time-consuming process. If it is not processed in right way, it can have serious impact on your practice. Our medical billing services provide:

  • Dedicated professional assigned to you for medical billing & claims processing.
  • Improve billing workflow and maximize the behavioral practice revenue.
  • Lowest claim denial rates.
  • Monthly performance review.
  • Maximizing Key Performance Indicators of RCM
  • Our Success in Numbers

Why Choose MindParcs for Behavioral Health Medical Billing Services?

The toughest part of switching to a medical billing company is leaving the existing billing and claim process. MindParcs Inc could be the best choice to end this difficulty by providing medical billing services matching with your existing process. We offer a variety of benefits:

  • Complimentary Old A/R recovery for up to 120 days
  • Excellent Financial Audit that finds financial gaps

99% Accurate claims submissions through RPA technology