Streamline Your Practice & Improve Your Revenue with our Cardiology Medical Billing Services

As a cardiologist, you are working with the most essential organ in the human body. Patients may require more procedures for some other heart related issue, so your staff must understand proper codes and modifiers required for cardiology medical billing. 

With quick changes in technologies and complex diagnostic protocols, cardiology medical billing services are done by professionals who are experts in cardiology specialty.  

Cardiology Medical Billing is not Simple! Let MindParcs Inc. help you! 

We have a professional team with well experience in providing cardiology medical billing services and can easily handle coding, billing, and collections that include Account Receivables and Denial Management, for all types of cardiology procedures.  

  • Implement full billing audits to reduce claim denials in cardiology. 
  • Monitor payments regularly to ensure that there are no under-payments 
  • Make priority on Account Receivables if there are no details by the payer’s payment cycle. 

Our cardiology medical billing services team will do accurate billing and coding to get maximum and on time reimbursement. Our services which include the following: 

Demographics & Charge Entry Services: 

The key step in the medical billing process is charge entry, which determines the amount of payment for the healthcare providers. And it is essential to have patient demographics entry since they must have correct data into the system. We provide you with error-free patient demographic and charge entry services. 

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services: 

We will verify that patients are eligible for cardiology services under their insurance policy and also that patient plans have referral or pre-authorization requirements. 

Cardiology Billing & Analysis: 

Our professional reviews various sources in a patient’s file, such as the doctor’s transcription, imaging reports, diagnostic test reports, and other sources, to confirm the services performed and assign accurate cardiology codes. 

AR Follow up Services: 

Following up on all accounts receivable can be time-consuming and difficult work. Our professionals also make sure that refused and underpaid claims are appealed as soon as possible. 

Denial Management: 

Claim denials can result in important losses for the healthcare providers; thus, they must keep track of them. Our cardiology medical billing professionals confirm the reason for denial, fix the errors, and resubmit the denied claims within a timeline. 

Payment Posting: 

Payment posting is important for identifying payer issues. Denials for medical necessity, prior authorization and non-covered services will be identified and assigned to the best cardiology medical billing team to handle. 

We look over ERAs and the scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) to make sure that every detail about the payment is entered into the system. 

Credentialing Services: 

This is an important stage in the revenue cycle and how healthcare providers get associated with payers. The technique allows patients to use their insurance to pay for cardiology services and also it allows the provider to get paid for the medical services they offered to the patient.  

Our professional team processes the payment faster by setting up ERA setup, gets more referrals, minimize revenue leakage, and reduces denials. 

Key Points to Choose Our Cardiology Medical Billing Services 

Nowadays, we can see many medical billing companies have started developing, but as a healthcare provider how would you choose the best company among them? MindParcs Inc. makes you free from such worry! 

  • We regularly follow up the payer’s requirements. 
  • We have more awareness to cardiology specific codes 
  • We submit claims On-time to insurance companies. 
  • Use the latest technology and tools. 
  • Dedicated Professionals to all your requirements. 
  • Provide services that are easily adaptable at all times. 

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with our expert and grab the opportunity to know more about our cardiology medical billing services and let us tell you how we can help to achieve maximum revenue growth for your cardiology practice.