Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 93306, is a noninvasive study that uses ultrasound to visualize the heart’s function, blood flow, valves, and chambers. This procedure the (ECHO) is commonly used however, you must follow specific guidelines for this procedure to be paid by payers. Using a Revenue Cycle Management company such as MindParcs, Inc assists providers with their coding by making sure the LCD Policies are being followed for proper reimbursement. Each state and/or insurance payer may have different guidelines such as First Coast Service Options, Inc (FL Medicare) has specific guidelines for billing see These articles or LCD policies are available in each state.

Being a Top Medical Billing Company, we have a dedicated team of skilled professionals that are experts in Cardiology Medical Billing Services. We can who identify the billing issues and challenges cardiology providers and can help bridge the gaps. Our medical billing solutions will assist you in meeting your goals by minimizing accounts receivable days, reducing denials and optimizing collection outcomes.

How MindParcs Can Help in Cardiology Medical Billing Services?

Our experts are certified, skilled coders and billers knowledgeable with the latest innovations and developments in cardiology medical billing. They are technically perfect and are aware of the complicated MACRA rules. We are efficient of identifying and fixing issues in your medical billing system and increasing revenue. Our services for Cardiology includes the following:

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification Service
  • Demographic & Charge Entry Services
  • AR Follow Up Services
  • Denials & Rejections Management Services
  • Payment Posting Services
  • Credentialing & Enrollment Services