Otolaryngology / ENT Medical Billing Services

Most otolaryngologist are likely handles a mixture of surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments for patients with ear, nose, or throat diseases and disorders. Additional services for subspecialties such as pediatric services or reconstructive surgery will add complexity to your medical billing needs.

Outsource Medical Billing Services and revenue cycle management services to a knowledgeable and dedicated partner can help save time and reduce staff issues such as claim denials and follow up.

Why MindParcs, Inc?

We have experienced staff have the full array of experience needed for otolaryngology subspecialties. Our Medical Billing and Coding Services will help your ENT practice run more efficiently and maximize your revenue stream.

Our ENT medical billing services include:

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification Service
  • Demographic & Charge Entry Services
  • Clinical Claim Scrubbing
  • AR Follow Up Services
  • Denials & Rejections Management Services
  • Payment Posting Services
  • Credentialing & Enrollment Services