Orthopedics Medical Billing Services

Why Outsource Medical Billing and RCM for Your Orthopedic Practice?

Orthopedic medical billing can become frustrating, claims are denied regularly for bundling. It is critical that your staff have a clear understanding of proper modifier usage, CCI Edits and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.

As a professional medical billing company can help with all aspects of billing and coding and especially with denial management and follow-up. Outsourcing denial management and other processes can increase revenue and save your orthopedic practice time.

Why MindParcs, Inc?

We has a team of experienced medical billers and coders that can handle all the billing and claims denial and revenue cycle management for orthopedic medical practices. We at MindParcs Inc, understand your practice’s needs and can provide a full suite of customized services to manage your revenue stream and maximize reimbursements.

Our Orthopedic medical billing services include:

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification Service
  • Demographic & Charge Entry Services
  • AR Follow Up Services
  • Denials & Rejections Management Services
  • Payment Posting Services
  • Credentialing & Enrollment Services